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Pay back when you start working.

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How ThriveCash Works

Step 1

Unlock cash with an offer letter for an upcoming full-time job or internship.

  • We'll unlock up to 25% of your first 3-months’ salary or 25% of your internship salary, up to $10,000.
  • Use the cash for anything!
Step 2

Take cash now, pay back when you start working.

  • You can take it all at once, or in little chunks. The rest will be there for you until you start your job.
  • Cash hits your bank account in a business day.
Step 3

You get charged what you see – no hidden fees, no penalties, no surprises.

  • Pay less when you pay early.
  • It doesn't affect your credit score.
  • And that's it! We keep it simple and make sure you know exactly what you'll pay.
What we do that others don't:

We're instant

Build the perfect plan and take cash in a few taps. You can take it all at once, or in little chunks. Cash will be in your bank within a business day.

We match any price

ThriveCash doesn't ask you to pay back until you start a job. If you can find a better price with the same structure, we'll instantly match it.

We're flexible

Change your plan anytime. You only pay for the amount of time you take cash for, so when you pay early, you pay less!

What does ThriveCash cost?

You decide. Try our planner below!

Amount you'll take $5,000
When you'll take it
When you'll start repaying Pay early, pay less!

We keep things flexible. You only pay for the amount of time you take cash for, and you can pay back anytime you like.

Jun 24
Number of repay months 2
Today We send cash to your bank account. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Around here you start your job.
Date 2 You send us your first payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 3 You send us your second payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 4 You send us your third payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 5 You send us your fourth payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 6 You send us your fifth payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
Date 7 You send us your sixth payment. And that's it! You paid off a total of $5,200.
You paid $200
To borrow $5,000

Annual Percentage Rate is a number people use to compare different lenders. It determines the cost we charge you for holding onto cash for any given mix of duration and amount!

We always charge a 13.5% APR* (compared to ~15-25% for a fixed-rate credit card), meaning that duration and the amount you take are the only factors affecting the price you see.

* Except in Massachusetts, where we've kept it even cheaper, at 12%.


What are our customers saying?

Some very nice things...

At first I was a little nervous about Thrive but it’s an amazing service! I got the money I asked for within one day and their customer service is amazing.

Natalie Columbia Senior

I graduated in May and wasn’t going to be earning anything until I started my new job in July. As an international student, I had no access to credit cards or student loans. Then I found ThriveCash. Now, I live in the West Village. I love my job, and I love my apartment.

Hashim Columbia MBA

I used Thrive because I know I’m going to have an income this summer, but I wanted to be able to use that money now to go on hiking trips and to go to concerts and shows with my friends. The app was incredibly easy to use.

Rachel NYU Junior

A friend of mine recommended that I use the app to help finance a trip I wanted to take after graduation and I could not be more satisfied. The process was very quick and seamless.

Maia Princeton Senior

I found out about my mom’s credit card debt my sophomore year. Now I’ll be making a good salary as a process-automation engineer in Houston, and thanks to Thrive’s help, I’ve gotten a head-start on putting the debt behind us. The process couldn’t be easier.

Danny Cornell Senior

I took cash so I wouldn't have to scrounge around like a student, and could go out with friends or buy a couple of drinks in NYC. It was super easy just sending in my offer letter. It’s awesome to see somebody finally leveraging my future potential for direct investment.

Sam Columbia Law

I got an offer for an internship in NYC for the summer 2018. As excited as I was, I started worrying about my housing. The internship is paid, but I couldn't wait to get paid before renting the place. Fortunately, my friend told me about ThriveCash.

Yawo U Rochester Sophomore

I'm surprised that I hadn't heard of ThriveCash earlier. Within a day of sending in my summer job offer letter I had $5,000 in my account. Really made the process of finding somewhere to live in NY a lot less stressful.

Anderson Harvard Law

I found Thrive at a very opportune moment. The money helped with security deposits for a new apartment, and I saved the rest for a vacation after I graduate. I am very grateful for this service.

Tom RIT Senior

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